Our Newest Shipmate

We are pleased to introduce the latest Sailor in the Bova family. This is Admiral Maverick.

He is a 6 Month old French Bulldog. In April we went and picked him up, and had a bit of fear, as our old Frenchie was not impressed with sailing or water. He would tolerate going, but spent most of his time whining and trying to hide on Redsky.

Redsky was put into the water late into the season this year (posts regarding that are going to online soon), but it worked out that we could take Maverick to the boat as soon as it was in the water.

To our surprise, he loved being on Redsky. He would run from the bow to the stern with no fear. He would even jump from the deck to the dock if we weren’t looking. He took to being on the boat like it was what he had done since the day he was born.

The season this year was short, but it was good. This will set us up for an exciting year when Redsky goes back into the water.

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