Finding Redsky – Part 1

June 2019

We began our search as most couples looking to get into sailing. Searching Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and scouring the internet for any good deals on a small sailboat to learn the joys of sailing.

The first boat we found was a 7.5 Tanzer that was well within our budget, but was about 100miles south from us, and did not come with a trailer or motor. I did my research and I liked the layout of the cabin, the reviews of the boat were good, and they appeared to be enjoyed by all the owners I spoke with, and they had few complaints. However, the distance and lack of motor made us question if it was right for us.

For the cost, the boat still appeared worth the risk. We made our plans and headed south. From Petoskey, Michigan to Frankfort, we made an evening run hoping to beat anyone else who wanted it. We emailed, called, and texted the owner, who gave us only an address of the marina and no other information.

We traveled down to the address given to us, and found the Marina. The boat was there in the yard, and we got our first look at it. We had not heard back from the owner, regardless of the multiple texts we had sent out. We continued to try to contact him. While waiting we looked over the boat as best as we could. We did not have that “This is our boat” feeling. Instead, we felt like we were risking buying something that would turn us off from sailing. With a bit of a heavy heart we left for the long ride home.

On the way home, we got an alert about a price drop on a boat in Mackinaw, and we talked about it all the way home.

We looked over the picture and talked, and looked again and talked. I knew it was in storage, and had been for years, as I emailed the seller once before the price drop. We were unsure over a boat we could not see and could not know the condition of, but we decided… we would just email and ask. The next day, I emailed the seller first thing, and we started talking through email. By mid-morning we were texting, and I was certain we needed this sailboat.

It was a 1974 C&C 25. The family owned it for about 7 years. The second year they owned it they bought a new Yamaha 4 stroke 15HP outboard for it. The 4th year they left it in storage. The 7th year, they posted it for sale, just wanting it gone due to the cost of storage and nonuse. They bought it for over $5000, put a $3000 motor on it, and now were asking for $1500.

After a fast series of events that all fell into place, we determined that night that we were going to buy this boat, no matter what it took. RedSky was meant to be ours.

NEXT POST – The Buying process, and our first view of our future


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