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While researching over the last few years, both Jenn and myself have come across many blogs and sites that either gave us the information we were looking for or just turned out to be so interesting that we ended up following the authors. We found there were many couples out there who went through our same thoughts and concerns, and wanted to share their stories. So here is a small list of links, or pages that we wanted to acknowledge and share.

If you have any that changed your perspective on sailing, or just means something special to you, please let us know. We love to learn, and hear of other’s adventures.


Sailing Soulianis

Kirk and Lauren were one of the first couples we started following. We found them by watching their sail across Lake Michigan, and were shocked to watch the video of them sailing into Jenn’s hometown of Charlevoix. We followed the adventures they were on, and loved that they were learning everything and never scared to try new adventures. I highly recommend subscribing to their YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/sailingsoulianis

Sailing Uma –

Dan and Kika are another couple that really are inspirational in their adventures. They are constantly working to better their life, and the lives of all around them. They put in a ton of work to ensure their story and adventures are told. They also put great pride into the fact that their sailboat, Uma is completely self sufficient. It has an electric motor for the engine, and uses Solar power to charge the battery bank. They go very in depth on the energy consumption, and what they do to to help keep the use of electricity low on their sailboat.

Matt and Jessica’s Sailing Page –

This is another couple that hits close to home for me, as they are from Michigan like us. They put years of work into their boat to turn it into a live aboard vessel, and now travel the world.  They started in 2008 taking up sailing as a hobby, and within a few years were embarking on a new life aboard their 34 foot Targa. I have only recently discovered Matt and Jessica’s page, but am already excited to get to know them as fellow sailors.

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    1. Thank you for the comment. I will definitely check them out. We are super excited to become a part of the sailing community!

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